Saturday, October 24, 2015

So I was looking up Dante's Inferno online to try to find something interesting to blog about. I kept coming across all these fire-y pictures of hell, as you would probably expect. There are many pictures I came across, though, that seem to have been inspired directly by Inferno. This work is probably the most in depth description we have of hell, so it makes sense, but I just think it's interesting to be able to visualize the connections between these modern day pictures of hell and Dante's Inferno. I've included a few pictures below and captions about what I think the pictures resemble from Dante.

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City of Dis

Image result for pictures of hell
Where the sinners get flung off the cliff into the pit

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Forest of the suicides

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Abbey said...

I, too, searched up pictures to try to get inspiration and I came across the website: The artist, Mihai Mihu, spent 7 months recreating his own hellish vision of the nine circles of Hell from Inferno WITH 40,000 LEGOS. He says, "I didn't read the Divine Comedy, only the small descriptions of the circles I found on the websites. I didn't want to be much influenced by the original descriptions because I wanted to give a whole new fresh approach for each circle. I though more about the significance of titles and from then on it was only my imagination." I thought it was really cool to get someone else's interpretation in the form of legos. Because he didn't read Inferno, though, some of his interpretations are missing some of the bigger details, but props to him for taking the time to do this.