Thursday, October 8, 2015

Burn Baby Burn!

Does anyone else think of the song Disco Inferno by the Tramps? To my disappointment the song is not about Dante's Inferno. The song is about a 1974 American action drama film called The Towering Inferno. The fire in the song is referencing the heat on the dance floor, while the heat in Dante's Inferno is most likely the heat of hell. Other then this resemblance between the song and the epic poem there are no other similarities. Dante's Inferno's premise is to find the true path, meaning the righteous path to heaven and gaining hope. Disco Inferno is about boggling down on the disco dance floor.

For those of whom that do not know this song here is a clip


Antonio Imbornone said...

There's a video game called Inferno, a story about a soldier who's love dies and has to fight his way through the circles of hell to get her back. Having not read all of Dante's Inferno yet, I don't know how possible this is but since we're talking about culture and stuff I thought I'd contribute

Belin Manalle said...

This also reminds me of the song Disco Inferno by 50 Cent. I wish I could say that this song has a deeper meaning. Basically, it is about people in a nightclub where everyone is just dancing and 50 Cent starts hitting on this girl because she has "fiya" dance moves (hehe). I'm gonna dig a little bit deeper though and talk about the stretched ways in which this song could relate to Dante's Inferno. If I had to guess by the lyrics of the song, there was quite a bit of sinning going on in this nightclub, therefore it could be its own variation of Hell.