Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dante's Influence On Hell

It really piqued my interest today in class when we were talking about how the Bible doesn't even really describe Hell and how Dante's Inferno gives us a majority of the ideas that we have about hell today. It's strange to me to see how much can come out of a fictional story. My idea of hell is generally described in Dante's Inferno but I never thought about the fact that this idea along with the idea of purgatory wasn't really mentioned in the Bible. The Bible and its statements are interpreted in so many different ways as it is. It's crazy to think that the details of hell are just another interpretation.

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master123 said...

I completely agree that fangs depiction of hell is what most people picture in their minds when trying to grasp what hell would be like. Before reading Dante's Inferno I actually pictured hell the way the television show South Park depicts hell. South Park makes hell more of a community of sinners that all live in condos with random people being tortured at random times. Up until now, after reading some of Dante's Inferno, hell did not seem all that bad, but now I feel as if I should be working hard to be a Good Samaritan.