Saturday, October 24, 2015

Billary Lewinsky

I was thinking of when Dante put politicians in his circles of hell and I was thinking about what modern political figures would be in hell. The first group of people who came to mind were Bill and Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Bill would be in the lustful circle, obviously. Monica is a different story. Would she be lustful or would she have gone against her benefactor? Both sides could be argued, but I believe it is the latter. She sold out her boss for 10 seconds of fame. He was the one who hired her and she went against him. Monica is right down in Judecca with Judus himself inside Satan's Oval Office.


Jac said...

I don't think Monica would belong in the treacherous circle because she didn't technically go against Bill. Bill and she just hit it off and then when the whole story leaked it was bot h of their faults, not just her own. Also, now that you brought this topic up, it is interesting to consider what politicians would be in hell nowadays. Would Bush be in hell because he was president during 9/11, and a lot of people blame him for thousands of people's deaths? (#bushdid9/11??) Or what about various local politicians like David Vitter who have had sex scandals? Do these politicians get bonus heaven points because they were positive influences in the community, or do they go to hell automaticall because of the various sins they committed? Many consider politicians some of the worst people out there - liars, swindlers, cheaters, and traitors - but many of them do actually do positive works during their time in office. Who knows.

master123 said...

I say that the politicians would go down with the grafters. The biggest of them all being Richard Nixon and his Water Gate scandal. Nixon used his position as president to gain advantages for his re-election. Nixon would be the contemporary guard of the grafter bogia. Maybe their punishment would be to be sucked up Nixon's nose and then blown back out, symbolizing how politicians take what they needed and then toss them away like a dirty bogger.

Jack Zheng said...

@jac you mentioned that some scandalous politicians also do good works in their careers. It is an interesting point and I hadn't even thought of it that way. Would you think that the good works give the politicians at least some redemption? Or would their punishment be worse for that they are influential people trusted with great responsibilities?