Saturday, October 3, 2015

Corinthian, Doric, and Ionic Columns

I have also recently noticed the Greek influence all around us, especially in the architecture uptown. Just today I noticed that the Poydras Home (where I am doing my service work) has Corinthian columns in the front of the building, my house has Doric Columns in the front, and I have two coffee tables in my living room that are the ends of Ionic columns. I never paid much attention to these things before, but this lesson on Greek architecture has given me a new appreciation of the beauty of all of these columns, as well as the importance and history behind them!

The columns in the front of the Poydras Home (Corinthian)                    

 The columns in the front of my house (Doric) 

                                                                          The coffee tables (Ionic) 


Jack Zheng said...

The table is pretty cool, I would have never made a connection between something like that to a piece of ancient Greek architecture if it weren't for English class. It looks naturally like a table and nothing more (although it's an interesting table in itself) if you didn't know about the Greek columns.

Belin Manalle said...

It's so neat how much history and past cultures affect our society today. We see Greek culture in many aspects of our everyday life and education such as literature and architecture. As Madison pointed out, so many aspects of current New Orleans architecture come from details of Greek architecture. Along with that influence, think of all of the books that are based off of history or historical situations, even non directly. We've only studied a few books so far this year and all of them so far have been based off of history and/or myths. However, I like that these books are able to teach us about history in an extremely interesting way by adding fiction.