Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beauty and the Beast

Today for Performing Arts club, I went to family fest wearing a Belle costume. The gown is beautiful and sparkly and elegant and I felt magnificent wearing it. If you are unfamiliar, Belle wears a long golden ballgown. This is where I would like to add in a parallel to the golden gown in Medea. Medea sends the golden gown to the princess, who cant resist it because it was so beautiful. Likewise, I couldn't say no to wearing the dress. But after wearing it for a bit, the poison began to set in. The sleeve scratched the insides of my arms, the corset part of the dress seemed to be getting tighter, and my golden slippers were killing me. Of course, this isnt much at all in comparison to what happened to Kreon's daughter, but a similar idea all the same. But while I can unzip my dress when my time is up, Kreon's daughter cannot escape, and she may only be released by the kiss of death.

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Jac said...

It is interesting that you compare a Disney princess to Medea. Disney princesses are stereotypically beautiful and perfect in every way. Disney princesses are stereotypically loving and kind to everyone that they meet, and the only anger they show toward anyone is someone who has wronged them, usually an evil stepmother. Medea, like these Disney protagonists, shows anger to those who have wronged her, but takes it one step farther and enacts revenge. However, Medea is not like Disney princesses because she harms her very own children, who have not done anything to her, and she also uses sorcery to get her way: something more the fitting of an evil stepmother.