Thursday, October 1, 2015

James Franco and Seth Rogen ARE Medea (well not really, you'll see)

So when I first read about Medea's plan to ruin Jason's life, I immediately thought of the interview. As you remember, the dress that Medea plans to give Jason's wife to be will poison anyone who comes into contact with it. She sends in her children to give her the dress and send her to death. Similariy, in The Interview, a movie starring James Franco and Seth Rogen, involvs a talkshow host and his producer who are sent into a mission to assassinate North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. So, Franco and Rogen aren't really Medea, more so her two children. Medea's actually the CIA chick with the glasses that Franco's got the hots for. (kinda wierd, I know). Anyway, the two plan to use a ricin strip to kill the dictator, which will kill anyone who comes into contact with it. When I first read about the golden dress in Medea, this was the first thing I thought of.

I know its a little different from what actually happened in each respective production, and that a little poisonous strip is different from a golden dress, but I thought it was kinda funny and I needed to get in a blog post.

(James Franco as David Skylark, holding out the ricin strip)
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Madison Cummings said...

I like this comparison; I think it is funny and clever! I also thought of a movie scene while reading this play, but it was a scene from American Sniper. In the opening scene, Chris Kyle is positioned on top of a building, looking out for threats against the tank and soldiers bellow. As he is watching, he sees a mother and a son walk out of a building, and the mother appeared to be hiding something under her coat. When he looks closer, he notices that it is a grenade. The mother does not attempt to toss it at the tank on her own, but hands it off to her son. Chris Kyle is forced to shoot the child to save all of his men down bellow. This made me think about Medea, and how she killed her sons for the greater purpose of her revenge. But, while I do see the reasoning behind both these women’s decisions, I think it is selfish to endanger your children like this. The woman in the movie could have attempted to toss the grenade on her own, and Medea could have settled with just killing Kreon and his daughter, and not her own children. I do not think it is right to make the choice to take someone’s life, and then try to justify it. I think in a way Medea was lying to herself when tried to justify killing her children. There were several alternatives, but I think she acted impulsively, and figured that that would be an easy and fast way to hurt Jason.