Thursday, October 1, 2015

Greek Architecture in New Orleans

I was driving down Canal street, looking at the office buildings among other stores and whatnot when I noticed the tall Corinthian order colomns at the Mortuary. I laughed and boasted my knowledge of the structures to my Mom, who was driving. Droning on about their popularity with the Romans and their presence on the temple of Zues I then began to pay closer attention to the buildings on either side of the street. Spotting out numbers of Ionic colomns and flaunting what I had read in Arts and Ideas days before. This observation really got me thinking about the huge scope of Greek influence today. From architecture, playwrites, philosphy, and more, the world really wouldn't be where it is without this extrodinary settlement.

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master123 said...

Antonio, it's interesting that you would mention the influence of the Ancient Greek culture on our world today. If one were to look at the U.S. Government, they would see that the founding fathers drew a lot of influence from the Greeks. Both Hamilton and Jefferson, two men with very different views, examined how Greek Democracy failed and succeeded. From there they worked with others to form what they wanted in a government. The formation of our Democratic Republic can be attributed in part to the Ancient Greeks. It's funny too that the practice of ostracization is also seen in today's world. An example would be Richard Nixon in the watergate scandal.