Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Personal Perspective of Hell

These descriptions of hell from Dante's inferno brought to mind a production that I went to one time. It was more of a lesson than a haunted house, but the organization made it entertaining and interactive in order to gain involvement and promote awareness. If I remember correctly, it was called the 99 and you went through different rooms displaying interactive situations about the different ways that an average of 99 people in America between the ages of 12 and 24, die every day. The entire time you are being lead by a grim reaper, but in the end he reveals himself to be the devil and takes you down to hell. That was one of the most terrifying experiences to me. The room was lit red and full of cages with people inside of them being tormented and wailing, begging to be released. All while this was going on, demons were grazing the backs of each person in the group that was touring. This experience gave me a perspective of hell that I never could have imagined.


Ashley Bossier said...

I think this post is very interesting. The people who made that haunted house would have never existed if not for Dante in the first place. Dante set base for all images of hell. It still baffles me that before Dante an image of hell was never fabricated. If Dante never came up with his idea of hell I wonder what the idea of hell would be like now. I don't think that hell would ever be enjoyable but I can only imagine what a different hell would be like.

Madison Cummings said...

I have especially enjoyed reading Dante's Inferno because, although I always had a general idea of hell in my mind, Dante is extremely specific and detailed. It is really interesting how Dante forms the punishments around the victim's sins on earth and how he chose the shape and order of the levels of Hell. Although I am not sure whether I believe hell would be like this, it is an interesting and entertaining perspective.