Wednesday, October 21, 2015

satan was a freakin lizard

This is what I imagine Satan looking like as he tempted Adam and Eve. I know yesterday we went off on a tangent about whether or not Satan in the form of an animal was a snake with legs, which by default would make him a lizard/gecko/little-freaky-baby-dragon-looking-thing. Okay: so all throughout history, if artists all knew that this little animal had legs, why is he always depicted as a snake? I understand that he is referred to as "the serpent," but he doesn't lose his legs until after God has punished him for tempting Eve, and have to crawl on his belly for the rest of eternity. I'm not really a fan of snakes personally, just because they can be poisonous, but I think they are beautiful creatures. I seriously feel badly that throughout history everyone kinda hates on them! Lizards, however are the ones that deserve all the hate...most specifically, the Satanic Leaf-Tailed gecko.


madison kahn said...
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madison kahn said...

I think people depict Satan as a snake in order to warn about the consequences of sin. I know Satan was never really much of a good seed, having rebelled against God and all. Because of his rebellion, God decided to forever ban him from Heaven (also a warning about sinning). If artists throughout time would have portrayed Satan as a lizard, then they kind of would have been inferring that he was victorious over God, having to suffer no consequences. By showing him as a serpent/snake, however, it discourges people from thinking of Satan as a victor and reinforces the idea of God's omnipotence.

Abbey said...

I love this. That is all.