Monday, October 19, 2015

Canto VII

On Friday, we talked about Canto VII and the idea of "Fortune" and the prodigal versus the miserly. The "vain wealth" that is used to describe Fortune reminded me of a song by one of my favorite bands, Walk the Moon. It's called "Spend Your $$$" and is basically about a girl who cares only about money and material things and that makes the guy completely disinterested in her. Canto VII seemed to be all about sins pertaining to money and surface materials. I find that these ideas relate directly to this song.  The link to the song is below. Feel free to let me know if y'all agree:)


Belin Manalle said...

Upon posting this, I am also realizing how much Canto VII reminds me of Mr. Krabs in the TV show, Spongebob Squarepants. He would definitely be in the Fourth Circle of Hell according to Dante. However, he is one of the "miserly" because he only loves obtaining and hoarding money, never spending it. He even tries to refrain from spending any money on his daughter for her birthday. His obsession is absolutely ridiculous and entirely evident in any episode. I was even able to find a song about his monetary habits on YouTube. It's quite catchy.

Abbey said...

Mr. Krab's is miserly and he's definitely a greedy guy most of the time, but remember that episode when he spent so much money trying to impress Mrs. Puff? Not only was he guilty of being prodigal in that moment, but he was also being lustful and this infatuation with the pufferfish clouded his judgment! (Of course, though, that relationship never went anywhere because his ~~love~~ for money gets in the way.) On another note, Pearl is prodigal! She really likes spending her father's money whenever she can. For example, for her 16th birthday, Pearl wants so many gifts (and gets them all) and even an expensive performance by the heart-throb band "Boys Who Cry." Spongebob music is always great, so I recommend listening to the following link for a rockin' b-day concert song ( Another example is when Pearl excessively decorates the Krusty Krab and transforms it into the Kuddly Krab. She drives her father mad because of how much of his money she spent on decorations.

I think it's funny how Pearl and Mr. Krabs represent the prodigal and the miserly in Dante's Inferno. Similarly to these "shades," not only must they live together but they also argue frequently about how money should be spent.

I love watching modern television shows and making connections with what we've learned in school! For example, the characters obviously represent some of the 7 deadly sins. Patrick-slothful (or glutton); Squidward- wrathful; Sandy-pride; Mr. Krabs- avarice, Plankton- envy