Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Literature I will prepare for the AP Exam

The list of books and other literature I am considering preparing for the AP exam include Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, Beloved, and possibly my independent study book The Grapes of Wrath.  I believe that these works will give me the best options to choose from when writing my essays.  They all deal with important themes and come from different times in history.  Oedipus Rex is a short play by Sophocles that is the perfect example of a Greek tragedy.  Hamlet By Shakespeare talks about the character, Hamlet's struggle to avenge his father's murder by his Uncle Claudius.  The novel, Beloved reveals how slavery can cause a family to be torn apart and turn on each other in the case of Beloved and her mother Seethe.  Seethe was forced to make many tough choices such as trying to kill her children to save them from slavery.  All three of these books deal with very important themes.  They all took place during different times and were written by authors of different times.  I feel like having books from different times is important as it shows that you are knowledgable with many different kinds of literature during different periods of history.

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