Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Does Tomas compare to Oedipus as well?

After watching the movie today, I began to think does Tomas compare to Oedipus as well?  We originally said that Oedipus compares to the Russians and Tereza.  The Russians lead to the destruction of a city and Tereza abandons her family just like Oedipus.  However, as I think more I think Tomas displays some of Oedipus's characteristics as well.  For example, just as Oedipus has affairs with his family, Tomas is always having affairs as well.  Tomas also has a need for control and power just like Oedipus.  Tomas yearns to be in control of his life and his relationships.  He feels free to have many relationships at one time and not commit to one person in order to live his "light" life.  Oedipus thought he was doing what was best for Thebes when really he was causing pain for a lot of people.  Tomas with his affairs hurts Tereza who genuinely loves him.  Oedipus dies at the end of the play just like Tomas ends up dying.  I found this comparison of the two interesting.  What do you all think?


Ian J said...

I agree with you Austin. While attempting to further develop this analysis I have decided that instead of actually poking out his eyes, Tomas metaphorically poked out his eyes. Allow me to explain. Tomas has many affairs, at least 200, as Austin has said and this is his sin. When he finds out how much it hurts Tereza, he finally decides to throw away his old ways. In order to do this he has to isolate himself from all the other women he is tempted with. He and Tereza move to the country where they farm and live off the land with Keranin. I wouldn't say that they start to live a much happier life, but they do indeed seem to be more lighthearted and enjoy themselves, which I suppose was their initial intent in moving to the country, to "lighten" their being.

Linz A said...

Yeah. You could see Tomas' move to the country as parallel to Oedipus' exile. I suppose, in that case, Tomas' crime would be his affairs. However, in that case, Tomas would differ from Oedipus. Tomas is aware of his affairs and that his affairs are hurting Tereza. Whereas Oedipus had no idea that he had married his mother and that was what was causing the suffering of Thebes.

TSHAH said...

I personally do not really see the parallel between Oedipus and Tomas. Oedipus's control issues and stubbornness aided in his blindness of the truth which was in front of him the entire time. Oedipus was so fixated with preventing the prophesy that he in reality led himself right into it. Tomas's downfall as you said can be seen his numerous affairs with women. Tomas is conscious of his downfall from the time that he met Tereza because he began to feel guilty for sleeping with other women (as indicated by the fact that he had to drink in order to sleep with other women). Tomas chooses not to see his downfall, while Oedipus was truly blind to it due to his characteristics.