Friday, April 12, 2013

Tomas compared to Sabina

I feel like Tomas and Sabina each learn lessons in ULOB for different reasons.  Tomas at first refuses to be tied down to a single relationship after his divorce.  However, after he meets Teresa he finds it impossible to think about anyone but her and feels what it is like to care for someone in a relationship.  Sabina, however, is considered "light" throughout the entire story.  She does not commit to one person throughout and is known for her affairs with Tomas.  Sabina also at the end of the story gets a chance to tie herself down to one relationship when Franz leaves his wife to be with her.  However, Sabina determines that she cannot commit to one man and simply leaves Franz to continue on her "light" way of life.  Tomas learns that lightness is truly unbearable while Sabina prefers lightness in life.

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Michell D said...

I feel like Tomas is the lightness in Sabina and Sabina is the heaviness in Tomas. What I mean is Sabina really wants to be in a relationship with Tomas but he likes to sleep around and not stayed tied down. As a result Sabina finds herself cheating on Tomas as if to mimic his behavior so she can experience what he does. On the other hand, Tomas finds the desire for relationships spiritually fading because he always thinks of Teresa.