Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Meme Before its Time?

Ok, so when we were looking at the pop art picture of the over-priveleged, barbie-doll, girl crying on her bed, it kind of reminded me of the The First World Problems meme of today. This meme is very similar to the pop art image in its likewise depiction of of a well off female crying over something melodramatic, shallow, and of little consequence to the entirety of her life. Additionally, the pop art image shares a common characteristic of this meme as well as every other meme on the internet: a caption either parodying or creatively explaining the image. In this case, the caption would be parodying the initial impression of shallowness we recieve as we view the well off female crying over something, but with no reason to really cry at all.

On a broader scale, today's internet memes function just as pop art did.

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