Saturday, April 27, 2013

pop art

I really found the pop art interesting that we saw in class this week.  Pop art takes objects from everyday life and turns them into art.  For example, the Campbell's Tomato Soup can.  Although this pop art is simple and was not always popular and considered worthy of being art, I think the pop art is very unique and helps represent the thoughts of the people at the time.  Pop art was popular in the 1950s in the United States.  Instead of focusing on things that not as many people knew about, pop art gave people a chance to enjoy art that portrayed everyday life.  Everyone knows what a Campbell's soup can is and everyone knows about Coca-Cola.  Pop art really helped to get everyday ideas across at the time and show what feelings people had in general during the time.  For me, I thought it was cool to see art portray something that we are still familiar with today in our culture.  Many of the items pop art represents are still present in our culture today.  This shows what an impact small everyday items that people take for granted have had on US society.

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Michell D said...

I like the playful nature of pop art because it really makes you think. At one point you think "this isn't art, it's just a soup can!", but then you realize that it's making you think and feel emotions from everyday objects, and isn't that art? I think that at some point people just got tired of seeing the same art over and over again and they wanted something that brought out a different emotion, so they were open to something like pop art. I'm not trying to take away from the skill behind pop art, but I feel like it takes less time to do than more conventional fine art.