Saturday, April 27, 2013

The art we saw in class yesterday was very interesting.  The way in which the artists portrayed their feelings was very abstract and really made your mind work.  You have to look below the odd surface to find the underlying meaning.  I particularly liked the painting Isis and Osiris because of the way the artist used mixed media.  It looked really interesting and made the eye look around.  The myth begin it about Osiris coming back to life really made the piece of art even more meaningful.

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Ben Bonner said...

The pieces I liked the most were the paintings that we looked at yesterday that were painted in a sort of neo-victorian style infused with African patterns. The paintings as a whole seemed very happy and playful. Another aspect of them that I liked was their complexity. One thing that bothers me about alot of modern art, and some of the supremasist art we just looked at, is that it doesn't look very complicated, and it doesn't seem that the painter had to put alot of effort into his work. The intricasy of these paintings however clearly shows otherwise, and I really could spend a good bit of time looking at and appreciating those paintings.