Monday, April 15, 2013

Significant of Tomas's Profession

My understanding of Tomas's character developed much more after reading part 5. I find his profession as a surgeon significant to his character as a whole. The book explains that being a surgeon is dealing with the "outermost border, where the human makes contact with the divine."(193), and hence this profession fulfills Tomas's desire to have complete possession of the world. Tomas pursues possession of the world through his womanizing so he can uncover the uniqueness of each woman which is hidden from the world. Tomas is once again acting as a surgeon as he deal with the hidden aspect of women that is unknown to the world - their inner sexuality. Each woman Tomas has sex with is an accomplishment for him as he metaphorically dissects their character with his imaginary scalpel. We can see this clearly after he comes to three conclusions after having sex with the odd woman.

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Austin Falk said...

I agree this discreetness that Tomas exhibits as he works on his patients and has affairs with women fits right into Tomas's goals in life of living a "light life." Through being a surgeon he hopes to have possession of everything while not making it obvious. Surgery requires one to work on the inner most parts of people which are hidden from the outside world just like Tomas lives his life. Unfortunately his career as a surgeon becomes to heavy with him as tensions with the Russians grow and he is forced to become a window washer. It is a shame because the surgeon fit his personality so well.