Tuesday, April 30, 2013

AP books

For the AP Exam, I know I will definitely write about the Color Purple, which was my independent study. I can always write about Celie's journey from a feminist perspective or from an african american perspective. Or intertwine the both. I think I can adapt it to pretty much any prompt. I also think I will review Beloved. I enjoyed the book and read it recently, so I think I can also adapt that to fit an essay prompt. It has very similar themes to the Color Purple, but is set in an earlier time period, and therefore is more about american slavery. Beloved also is largely about feminine/filial relationships. Finally, I'll review my notes from No Exit. We also talked about that recently, so it's still fresh in my brain. I feel comfortable with the themes of No Exit, aka existentialism and "bad faith". That way I'll have racism, sexism and existentialism concepts flowing through my brain. I'm sure one of them will be appropriate.

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