Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Favorite Book

I couldn't decide on my favorite thing we've read this year, so it's a tie between Hamlet and The Tin Drum. I'm not normally a big Shakespeare fan, but I found Hamlet pretty easy to understand and I actually really enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed seeing Hamlet at Tulane and it helped me to visualize the characters and scenes we had read about. I also loved The Tin Drum. I'm very fond of books with anti-heroes and unreliable narrators and Oskar was both of those things x1000. As I was reading it over the summer, I was weirded out by certain things that happened in the novel, but I realized afterward that that's what I loved about the book -- Oskar was manipulative and self-delusional and selfish and I simultaneously hated him and loved him for it. It was just very strange and German and I loved it.

Alright, I'm not gonna lie. This video was a big part of why I liked Hamlet so much. A+ study tool.

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