Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Favourite

Yeah, I spelled favorite with a 'u'. I really liked Beloved. Toni Morrison finally showed me a real glimpse of what I think it feels like to be discriminated against. While I endured the typical labeling of high school (Dutch? Norwegian? Swiss? who cares) I never have been discriminated against. Being a white male, I don't endure discrimination. I know that sounds bad in what is supposedly a multicultural society, but let's not forget that segregation was only stopped a few decades ago. Racism is still prevalent in the South. Cue Toni Morrison. Morrison really described the unreal effects of slavery on a person in very effective prose. The effects, while they can never be fully felt, are very real in Morrison's novel. I could feel Sethe's struggle to overcome the past, her unreal view of the world from an escaped slave's lens, her desire to let her children live for something better, and most effectively her belief that not all whites are bad. It is ironic, and makes me feel very compassionate about Sethe's integrity and non-discriminating eyes even through all she's been through. Her daughter Denver shows her non-discrimination because her daughter is named after a white girl. That must take an amazing amount of courage and integrity, and a very just mind. So hip hip for Beloved. One of these days I'll watch Oprah's movie.

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