Wednesday, May 1, 2013

prepared books

The books that I want to prepare are The Sun Also Rises, Oedipus The King, and Beloved. I am choosing The Sun Also Rises because I just wrote an essay on it and have been familiar with it over the past few months. The ennui of life is presented in this novel and also the characters are influenced by their enviornment. I am choosing Beloved because it does in depth about the struggles people face and people making tough decisions (such as Sethe attempting to kill her children to save them or Paul D leaving 124.) Oedipus The King is my favorite work that we have read this year so I think I'll be able to re read this easily. Also the topic of revenge comes up in this story, or fate versus chance. The hero also comes up in AP exams and I feel like they go to greek mythology a lot so its good to have at least one Greek tragedy.

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