Saturday, May 4, 2013

*Snivel* My Last Blog

Honestly, I didn't jump into this last blog knowing what I wanted to write. I figured I'd let one thing lead to another and I'd arrive at some destination that had nothing to do with the start (or at least is far from it). When I think about it though, making associations and choosing which viewpoints to take constitute a large part of how one is supposed to think in STM HUMANITIES. Everything is subjective, but normally hints towards which way we should think, which roads we follow, so that we reach a destination adequate for whatever message we then process from the journey. That's not to say that a journey doesn't require deviation to be appreciated, we could end up in the middle of nowhere, but still end up with a message, or lack thereof, proclaiming nothing at all. Regardless, I think that with each work we've read, each new journey we've taken, we've gained another potential road for some much larger journey we may or may not be aware of yet. Well, would you look at that, all that and this ended up being only a thank you to my peers and teachers for helping me open up those paths. Guess not knowing where you want to go is good sometimes also.

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