Saturday, March 7, 2015

Big Sisters

We talked in class a lot about Denver's obsession with taking care of Beloved. At some points, it seems a bit creepy, but at others it's rather sweet. Denver seems to know the entire time that Beloved is her sister.

The way that Denver dotes on Beloved somewhat reminds me of the stories I've heard of how my older sister reacted when I was born. (Although Beloved is technically the big sister, she is mentally younger than Denver, and Denver takes on the role of big sis.) Before I was born, my sister was so excited. She's the one who named me. Every morning she would kiss my mom's tummy and say "good morning, Isabel Emma". When I was born, my sister was even more excited. She came to the hospital in a shirt that said "I'm a big sister". She brought me a little stuffed animal that I still have to this day. She wanted to hold me. When I came home, she wanted to help with everything. She helped my mom give me my first bath, and so on and so forth.

I think that the some of the ways that Denver dotes on Beloved are natural, big sisterly, and cute. I do think that, however, her desperate need for Beloved's attention is extremely exaggerated because of Denver's isolation and desire for someone to care about/notice/need her.


Breuna Westry said...

I think that Denver has a social disease. The attention that she provides Beloved is exaggerated because she is unable to show her love in a normal way. If she had had more interaction with other people then I think that she would not have reacted as strongly.

Tiffany Tavassoli said...

Isabel, I think this a really good point.I think that naturally, it is normal for Denver to have this kind of eagerness to always be by Beloved. I think the fact that it was Beloved who came into her life as a sister makes Denver more obsessed and possessive over her. If Denver chad just met a new friend, I think she would definitely deeply crave closes contact with this person, but the fact that Denver has a chance for human interaction, especially, with her very own sister makes the bond and the relationship all the more important and powerful to Denver. I think also that Denver feels a really close connection to Beloved because Beloved doesn't remember or recognize her past. I feel that this idea is appealing to Denver because she felt so left out when Paul D and Sethe were sharing memories that she could not relate to. Now with Beloved, Denver doesn't feel left out, and she can focus on the story of her birth with Beloved.

Sri Korrapati said...

Regarding Breuna's comment. I honestly don't believe she has a social disease. Imagine being in Denver's situation. She definitely has social issues but they're more situational than a mental disease. She's not ready for the real world.

Ross said...

While Denver certainly has some obsessive aspects in her personality, I have to agree with Isabel's perspective about her actions. Not many of you have a younger sibling. In fact most of you ARE the younger sibling. Maybe the thoughts of an older sibling can help shed some light on this situation between Denver and Beloved. You should know that, for some reason, there is this weird instinctual urge to take care of a younger sibling, which I am pretty sure is never going to go away. You just wanna make sure they do well and are happy, but mostly that they are safe. Safety seems to be the priority, at least for me, and sometimes it's not always wanted by the receiving party. "No, you should not go to that party because there's bad stuff there" can occasionally sound like "HAHA! My evil plan to oppress your social life shall succeed!" Anyway, the point is that this is probably what Denver feels for Beloved. She ha this overarching need to keep Beloved safe, sound, and away from any influences she deems inappropriate. (*cough* Sethe *cough*). I neither think Denver has some sort of mental issue nor feel she is necessarily acting out of her jurisdiction. I just believe she wants to keep her "baby" sister safe and innocent.