Saturday, March 14, 2015

Art in QuizBowl

I have grand news, everyone: our QuizBowl team has, for the first time in St. Martin's history, bested Jesuit, Lusher, et al. and won the State QuizBowl competition! Onward to Nationals. Beloved (heh) teammates, I thank you dearly. In the tournament, Iris and I noticed that we answered significantly more art questions correctly than we have in our past games (even I got some! Yay for us STEM folks!). So, I would also like to take a moment to thank Mrs. Quinet and Ms. King for introducing us to these artworks. Not only do they help with competition, but they make us more socialized contributors to society. A lot of renown engineering universities have begun emphasizing precisely this well-rounded approach to learning, as it increases the likelyhood that their graduates will be less socially awkward (I know, I know. Herculean task, Brobdingnagian feat, etc etc). Thanks for making me less geeky! (Though that sounds contradictory).

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