Saturday, March 21, 2015

WARNING: Feminist (or more broadly equalist) and Expert Writer

"Nicki Minaj is dumb"
"Nicki Minaj is fake"
"Nicki Minaj is trashy and dirty"
"Nicki Minaj knows the English dictionary like an elephant knows its tail"
"Nicki Minaj is not meaningful"

We all know I love Nicki Minaj, but you may wonder why?
Let me go into detail in why she actually is better than any other singer/rapper/writer.

Her Character Use:
Nicki creates characters, "alter egos" to address issues in society. She's upfront about it, but no one sees, mostly because people don't look at Nicki Minaj expecting to be able to form a thesis. That's due to being close-minded *cough cough* @all the Nicki Haters. Honestly, I can't think of any other artist who uses characters to address themes, or can even portray characters at all.

Roman Zolanski:
He looks like an angry monster who shows off to the world why Nicki is crazy.
In reality, this is true. Roman is angry at all the things that drive Nicki Minaj crazy. Roman is mad that we live in a society where blacks are not equal to rights, homosexuals are not equal to heterosexuals, women are not equal to men, "ugly" people are not equal to attractive people, people of different religions are not equal and God forbid someone for not believing at all, Rap is not equal to rock, ect... Nicki purposefully made Roman Zolanski a man because why on earth would society listen to a woman? Roman Zolanski is actually a gay man who raps about his sexuality and sexual life to make people uncomfortable so that they can feel how uncomfortable these "unequal" groups feel.
(+ Martha Zolanski):
Where would someone protesting society's norms be without the personification of society's norms as well? She is the subordinate wife who fights for oppression because God made everyone the right way, but people need to be steered back on track. She's British because the British accent makes someone sound proper and moral. She is Roman's mother who sends Roman off to a rehabilitation facility, has him exorcized, and still acts like she's a fairy God mother.

I could go on about her characters but I have other stuff to say, so here are two more alter egos that spoke to me
- Barbie: Nicki's girly side. This is what society wants Nicki to be, but sometimes Barbie can be dirty and it makes us uncomfortable, especially because she's supposed to be this "perfect girl." Girls aren't supposed to talk about there sexuality right? It's only okay if guys do it, if girls do it, it's just gross.
- Cookie: One of the most least known of Nicki's alter egos. Cookie is a little, african-american girl who deals with the everyday problems of being a female, african-american youth in society. She has issues with her father being abusive and absent, her mother being overworked, her brother joining a gang, and the society's assumptions about her.

Her Lyrics and Songs:

- Roman's Revenge:
It's really not that hard to interpret if you just read what I said about Roman and Martha previously but it has a double meaning past the homosexual vs. traditional values out take. Nicki Minaj is directly addressing the issue of street violence in low-income communities. Roman and Slim-Shady can either be seen as lovers who are hated by society, or gang leaders who are hated by each other. Martha then plays the role of the voice of reason, telling each gang to go home and stop their childish fighting.

- I Get Crazy
The Lyrics in this song are just off the chart. People say Nicki Minaj needs a rhyming dictionary and that she has the most meaningless lyrics ever. The whole point of this song is a contest between her and Lil' Wayne to see who could come up with the best one-liners and who has the best word play. 
Just listen to the lyrics and tell me that Nicki isn't clever. 

- Raining Men (by Rihanna)
Nicki is preaching to all the girls all there that they don't have to settle. No one has to compromise themselves for a man because there are so many other ones out there. Adichie anyone?

Oh, and by the way. Nicki Minaj never got a butt implant unless she did that when she was 13. There are countless pictures of Nicki before her fame and during middle and high school. It was never just BAM BOOTY! The only thing fake about Nicki Minaj is her hair, and that's just a fashion statement.

Again, I could go on and on, but really you get the point and this blog post is long enough. Hopefully none of you will ever tell me that she is dumb and unnecessarily dirty. Unless you find the issues she addresses dumb of course, but then we'd be having an entirely different argument.


Isabel Celata said...

I like your post a lot, but why was there a reason to post a warning about feminism? Feminism, which is about women and men being equal (no need to say "equalist"), should be something that's normal and prominent in our society, not something that's seen as taboo or something that necessitates a warning.

Sri Korrapati said...

@Isabel lol, I was being sarcastic back then (thinking I was funny). I don't know why I said equalist (repetitive). I was saying it a shock that she's not this trashy singer but actually a feminist in the modern day trying to reverse the roles of rappers. Warning because you might realize that while you drag Nicki for rapping about sex and drugs, it's not Nicki who you should be mad at but the genre of rap society has created. Male rappers aren't dragged for their taboo topics, so why is Nicki Minja? Plus, there's much more to her than that.
But you right homie