Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rejected Princesses: Beloved

To continue our theme of princesses, here is Jason Porath's imagining of "Rejected Princess" Beloved  The above link is to a site where Jason Porath, a former DreamWorks animator (if you have ever seen How to Train Your Dragon 2, yeah, that was his work), illustrates and tells the stories of real and fictional women whom he dubs "Rejected Princesses." According to the blog:

Rejected Princesses is a peek into “what if” alternate realities where unsung women of myth and history got their big, expensive animated movies. Part art project, part history lesson, part standup comedy – and that’s before we even get to the blog!

The specific link I gave you links to his imagining of Beloved. Porath is very good about capturing details from the book and incorporating them into his drawing. He outlines the process near the bottom of the page.

His drawings are beautifully done and I would really encourage you to check out the other stuff on the blog. It's the right combo of informative and hilarious.

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