Saturday, March 14, 2015

Recreating Photographs

Janine Harper and her daughter Lily (age 5) decided to recreate photographs of influential black women in order to learn history in a fun, interactive way. She began researching and watching educational videos in order to better understand history. She then began with Bessie Coleman, who became the first African African woman to fly a plane in 1922. She then chose Admiral Michelle Howard who was the first female four star admiral in the Navy and the highest ranking black woman in the military. In addition, she covered musician Grace Jones and he first African American women accepted to NASA's training program and go into space, Mae Jemison. She also learned about Josephine Baker, a dancer who was so popular she demanded the clubs she danced in be segregated. FINALLY, she learned about Toni Morrison! I thought it was so cool when I saw he recreate one of Morrison's photographs. In Beloved, Sethe wants to keep Denver from her past; however, I think it's important that children learn about their past. I like how Lily wanted to learn about the females that came before her, and I just wanted to share these photographs!

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