Saturday, March 14, 2015

Children on Race

These are all links to a study done by CNN on what children think about race. The results of the study are really sad, but unfortunately, are not shocking.

I thought of this study the other day when we were talking in class about how Morrison still uses white as a symbol of purity throughout the novel. In some of these videos, experts give children pictures of children that are identical except for their skin color. When the children were asked questions like, "Which of these children is the pretty child?" and "Which of these is the smart child?" the children pointed to the picture of the white child. When the children were asked, "Which of these is the bad child?" or "Which of these is the dumb child?" they repeatedly pointed to the picture of the black children. These responses are saddening and disheartening. They get right down to the root of racism in America - parents passing their racist ideas down to their children.

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Sri Korrapati said...

Honestly, I think most parents and people understand that race doesn't matter, but still act a bit racist because that's how they grew up. And when they act racist, even without meaning too, their kids pick up on that and do the same, and it's a cycle. One powerful quote I heard was a women saying something like, "When people walk into the room and need information, they tend to ask someone of the same skin color." Their kids pick up on that subconsciously. I think distinguishing between races is unavoidable. I'm never going to see another indian and not think, "Oh look (s)he's indian." And if I had to choose between a black girl or a white boy to befriend, I would choose the black girl. I don't know why, I guess on personal experiences and what I've seen on TV. My mom hasn't influenced that decision though, I stereotyped on my own. Stereotyping is just human nature. If I know a bunch of guys that are jerks, and meet another guy who reminds me of them, I'm going to assume he's a jerk. Stereotyping helps tell us not to repeat past mistakes. The difference between stereotyping and racism is that racism is the use of stereotyping to justify negative opinions about a certain race. While I picked the black girl over the white boy, I know that there's a chance for me to be wrong, however if I were racist, I'd think that she still would've been the best option even if I didn't like her.

In conclusion: Stereotyping is a part of our society and everyone. No one can escape that.