Saturday, March 28, 2015

Futurist Music

What discussion of futurism would be complete without a discourse on the music of the time? Well actually for once I would prefer to skip it. Futurist music, like all art of the movement, abolished traditional techniques to create a style of music that disturbed the listener and conveyed a notion of speed and chaos. Noah Creshevsky's music definitely attempts to do these, especially succeeding at the former. I can't discuss much regarding tone, pitch, or themes because, well, there are none. Give it a try! I myself am honestly not much of a fan, but for the sake of completeness (and a bit of hilarity), here's Creshevsky's Canto di Malavita (which I am just now realizing means "song of a bad life"):

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alex Monier said...

This is absolutely amazing, you can hear the speed, the chaos. What confuses me about it however, is the almost arabian sound to it. This seems odd since I associate Futurism with nationalism and speed so I'd expect an italian nationalist sounding piece but sped up and chaotic.