Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bring on the Disney Hate

Continuing from last week's theme of hating on Disney, I thought I might post this fantastic Screen Junkies parody of Cinderella. Basically, these guys outline all the things about the original animated Disney classic that are misogynistic and/or absolutely insane. Since we are talking about the role of women and race in our discussion of Beloved, I think that this week's discussion of the role of women Cinderella and last week's discussion of race in The Princess and the Frog are incredibly appropriate. I hope y'all enjoy the video (especially the part with the mice...).



alex Monier said...

I'm not sure if I agree with you on this. Different people most definitely take away different things from different works - hence why there are disagreements and debates at all - but I did not see Cinderella this way. Is she passive and whatnot? Sure. However, what I took away from a fairy tale targeted at little kids to teach them a lesson was that kindness, goodness, and patience do not go unrewarded, and that what goes around comes around.

Breuna Westry said...

I think if anything the step sisters were more pushovers than Cinderella. If you go by the original Grimm fairytale, then the stepsisters mutilate themselves to be with the prince. That seems worse than just so happening to go to the ball and have the hottie fall in love with you.