Saturday, February 14, 2015

You were born in 1998, stop saying you're a "90s kid"

So yesterday while I was out and about, I overheard this group of "young adults" (literally freshmen) talking about how they were 90s kids and remember a bunch of stuff.....that was specifically from the early 2000s. So, I decided to see how much they actually knew and found a convenient quiz on BuzzFeed to test their "skill". Well the guy got  whopping 17 out of 76, receiving a sarcastic comment as an answer. I took the test and got 61 out of 76, giving me the title of "Keanu Reeves showing off his leg hair." Prepare to get hit by a wave of nostalgia.

Here is the quiz:

Anyway, I don't really know why I posted about this topic considering I'm sure we have had a couple of posts about this thing. I think that I wanted to look to the past considering our fast approaching futures and the fact that people are starting to get college decisions back and deciding where they want to spend the next four years. I'm happy knowing that you all have achieved things that others cannot claim they have and have been accepted into great colleges. I am also sad knowing that those days in lower school and even before that are gone and we won't have the opportunities to see each other everyday as we do now. With that being said, I wish you all the best of luck in your decisions and hope to find out that you have succeeded in finding happiness. I realize I may seem like the least likely of our class to say something like this but I'm gonna miss you all very much, that includes you King and Quinet!


Breuna Westry said...

This really brought me down memory lane. But it's interesting because most of the stuff I know about because it was still evident in the early 21st century. I barely made the 90s kids, but I still got to experience all of the perks.

Bonnie Cash said...

Well, I decided to take the Quiz, and this was my result:
Did you grow up in the ’90s? For sure. For sure you did. You are the ’90s equivalent of Justin Timberlake holding a tiny Justin Timberlake puppet. That’s pretty damn ’90s.

Yes, I am extremely proud of my result. Agreed, Breuna! I feel like several "90s" things cross over into the early 2000s, when we were youngins. Having sisters who were teenagers/pre-teens in the 90s, I remember some of these things vividly, and others not. It was intersting looking back on these things and remembering stuff I really wanted as a nugget, like zoobooks. It's cool seeing what was popular back then, and how even today's society has changed!