Friday, February 6, 2015

Experience at University of Michigan

So, I am currently at a weekend hosted by the University of Michigan for some of the students accepted to the school of engineering (Alex attended a similar one and then contracted influenza: wish me luck). We went to an art museum today, and I overheard some college guy trying to show off to his friends "yeah I took an Art History class one time, these columns are Ionic, I'm sure." I softly chuckled as he gestured at what was clearly a Doric column.

Also, I got asked "hey, you're from the South. Do you drink sweet tea like every day? That's you guys, right?"

I thought the latter example was a nice demonstration of how many cultures we have in the United States, and that we don't normally feel as fragmented as someone like Eliot did when he wrote The Waste Land. In this way, technology can act as a mending/unifying force, for it allows for faster sharing of ideas and increased knowledge of cultures worldwide (even though the sweet tea example is, admittedly, moderately silly).

Other than that, UofM has been pretty great! Go blue.

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