Saturday, February 14, 2015

Oral Tradition

I know we've already finished Things Fall Apart, but when we began I couldn't help but thing about how the history of Igbo culture was preserved. When I taught The Odyssey for Senior Leadership Day, I taught the Freshman about oral tradition. It's basically catagorized as a group of people who sang and spoke the history of their culture usually in a rhythmic way, so it was easier to remember. They would travel around, passing history on to generations and generations in hopes that their history would stay alive. This is how most scholars believe The Iliad and The Odyssey were preserved over time, or who the believe Homer was. They essentially believe Homer was perhaps a group of people who decided to write down their history. I began to view Chinua Achebe as a sort of Homer. Originally, Igbo culture was passed down via oral tradition, but now, Achebe has captured at least a part of it in Things Fall Apart. Any thoughts?

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