Saturday, February 7, 2015


The youtube clip that Mrs. Quinet sent us about Götterdämmerung depicts women singing about despair. Right off the back the lyrics paint the image of the Fisher King. They sing about the sun's beams and how they once made their father sparkle, but now they do not shine upon him. The fisher king's land was once a fertile place full of abundance, but now the land is sterile. While reading "A Carcass" we saw that the imagery of the sun is used to provoke the thought that the sun is able to produce life in a carcass by "cooking" it, making it attractive to the maggots that will soon inhabit it. If the sun is not shining down on these people then they will not be able to continue the cycle of life and fertility. Then the women ask the sun to send them the hero. This is the hero that is used also in the Fisher King that will liberate them from the bareness that has fallen over them. Once the hero comes, their life will be restored back to its former glory and they will want no more. Now my last statement is interesting considering The Waste Land. Eliot presents the idea that even though we think we need something in this "waste land", whether it be the water to quench our thirst or something else, in the end it will not end all of our troubles. These women in the song may think that the hero will get rid of all of their worries, but maybe he isn't the only savior that they need.

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