Saturday, February 7, 2015

Percival Grail Dove

This is the image of Percival holding a Holy Grail while a dove descends. When Percival spends the night in the castle of the Fisher King where he witnesses the grail, he later does not ask the right questions so he does not save then Fish king and is expelled. Later on, Percival returns and asks the right questions. This this image depicts Percival taking possession of the grail and a dove flies delivering a heavenly benediction. Percival is depicted as the hero of the Holy grail. I find this image really interesting because of the religious symbolism that this pictures gives off, as we the Holy Grail represents the chalice of blood, where the Holy Spirit (the dove) converts the wine into Christ's blood. Although the grail was not initially a religious symbol, because of Christ's coming, it became one of the greatest symbols of faith.

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