Monday, February 23, 2015

Tracy Chapman

I just made a post about folklore. This is a topic I am really interested in. Not only am I interested in folklore, but I also love folk music. One of my favorite singers is Tracy Chapman. Many of you have probably heard of her or at least heard her song "Fast Car".  Her music is all about story telling. In class we talked about memories and many of her songs are based off of memories or stories that others have told her. If you haven't listened to her music I would suggest listening to "Fast Car", "3,000 Miles", "Bang Bang Bang" or "Behind the Wall". I am going to link two of them and would love to hear your feedback. Sometimes she slurs words so it might be helpful to look up the lyrics while watching or listening. 


Iris Mire said...

Bre, thank you so much for introducing the class to the greatness that is Tracy Chapman! I absolutely adore her and her storytelling ability. Storytelling and its link to oral tradition is an art form in and of itself separate from the music. To combine both is a skill that harkens back to ancient times, to slave spirituals and even before. I love seeing modern artists looking to the past to inspire their future works.

Breuna Westry said...

Iris her work really does astound me storytelling is something only few can do.