Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Fisher King...Fishing

When we read the Fisher King on Monday, we discussed the ambiguity on the fact that he's the same man in the boat and also the king. Being injured, we discussed how it was possible for him to fish, and how he could move from the water to the castle so quickly. I found a depiction of the Fisher King fishing, and it actually made sense. The Fisher King has become weakened by an injury, making his homeland infertile and a Wasteland. He still must occupy his time and rule the land, so he goes fishing; however, he may not want his kingdom to see his weakened state. Therefore, he lays down, casts his line over the ledge, and waits for a bite. His attempt to hide and his hidden castle show that perhaps the infertile king can still rule, but prefer his land remember him how he was before his accident.

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