Monday, February 9, 2015

Ramblings from an airport pt 2

Salutations, I am once again stranded at yes you guessed it, an airport. This time it's a three hour layover in Atlanta. So, I will now go stream of consciousness until I reach some sort of resolution at some point in the near future as I try to productively use time before my flight.

1) Wow, I am like fo' real isolated. Like There's a ton of people just kinda strolling around and I know NONE of them like a dude just passed in a baby blue fedora and a goatee and I have no idea what his story is but I mean it seems interesting. My feelings are also probably amplified by the fact that I haven't had normal social interactions in like days because of the fact that I probably contracted the bubonic plague (only logical conclusion).

2) Have you ever wondered how many people you pass on a daily basis that have their own Wikipedia pages? Like what if a famous-ish business lady just walked by or that guy in the hipsterish garb and his friend with the chain are actually decently recognizable musicians. Wikipedia pages are kinda common I think so I wonder.

3) Awwwwww a little like 5 year old was running down and tripped on his face, he kinda bounced though he's running again, I don't understand little kid physics.

4) ANOTHER GUY IN A DIAMOND PATTERN FEDORA <----- (lol i hit caps lock) just passed like what happened in your life dude

5) I don't know if this happens to y'all but like every time I'm at the airport I always see a traveling basketball team and DANG those guys are huge.

6) In Wastelands fashion, you know what really fragments society but also can really bring us together? Music. Those earbud things have been accepted as the universal standard of "Don't talk to me right now." However, I have to say, last weekend when I went to Michigan, I met someone and I asked her what kind of music she listened to/favorite band. She said Arctic Monkeys, and I was like no way I love them, I actually saw them in concert and it was like boom best friends like that.

7) Sounds are so funny to think about like I can vibrate some vocal chords and air then contracts in a series of longitudinal waves which are ear registers as vibrations which then mean something to the brain and language man, and I'm using millennia of evolution to whisper beep boop to myself repeatedly.

8) Lol this guy just walked by in flannel PJs and a robe, you sir know how to travel.

9) I am so tired right now, I literally slept on a floor last night. I used my coat as my pillow and a towel as a blankie. This is like boys state all over again. I also forgot pajamas.... Whenever you travel, ALWAYS bring sleep gear.

10) Protip: don't be a meany jerk face to airport people, it's a lot more effective in finding stuff out. I just walked in on a shouting match between two people, got my question answered in like ten seconds, and got out. Use the kindly brontosaurus method for maximum efficiency

Well that'll be all for now, stay classy my friends and I'll see y'all tomorrow

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