Saturday, February 7, 2015

I haven't been to class/society in forever so I'm just gonna type (EDIT: One time I went to drive thru Starbucks, does that count?)

Wow, contact with humanity - the outside world - I haven't had this in days. I've been quarantine. Locked in the high tower of London wistfully staring out my window waiting for a savior to come. I am trapped inside by a beast - in fact thousands of them - all suicidal alien single strips of DNA simply waiting to blow me up, so is the life of a virus. As I feel the hordes ramming against the walls surrounding every fiber of my being, I ache as though I have never ached before. My entire body, even the very core of my essence, the brain, shot with pain. My throat had been set ablaze, the barbarian horde seemed quite intent on razing it. Then a miracle came into being, a bright blue translucent glow appeared in the distance, barely peeking over the horizon. The first in a series of saviors. I knew it was time to fight back. My body loaded its bows with a new kind of technology - fire. We set our very own walls ablaze to use them to ward off the foul demons of virus land. We kept the fires at bay using an ancient trick developed by the people who still lived in the land of milk and honey, gatorade. Fierce Blue Gatorade to be exact. More reinforcements arrived, Tamiflu bombs were dropped straight down my gullet into the war scene. Ibuprofen and Tylenol soon followed, yet the fires still raged inside of me, burning at 102 for days. Surrounded by destruction on all sides, I see the barbarians beginning their retreat. I know now is a turning point. Barbarians on all symptom fronts have vacated the front lines. We have turned off the fiery wall for now. However, my people say that if they wander the forest at night, they must still be wary of lone wolf flu-choks. For they will prevent full recovery for a while. The politicians up at the capital of the body wonder though, "how could a group so small take out an organism like us, we have millennia of evolution on our side?" Well so do they, so do we all. The little guy can pack a punch. All it takes is one to spark a revolution and the whole system comes crashing down. Can they suppress it? Sure, but in the end, seeing a god bleed can proves they're human.

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