Sunday, February 1, 2015

What Does It Mean To Be "Cultured" And Why We Should Be Mad

Well, what does it mean to be cultured? I'm not talking about being a bacteria that was grown in a lab. Google defines it as: characterized by refined taste and manners and good education. I feel that this is very vague. What does refined taste and manners mean? What qualifies as a good education?

So you all know my obsession with Nicki Minaj, right? Well I was talking about it one day and someone told me:
"Nicki Minaj is garbage. All she does is twerk. I like more cultured music."
So I asked him, "What do you define as cultured music?"
His response was, "Classical music."

That struck me as ignorant. Why is classical music considered more cultured than Nicki Minaj? It made me a bit mad actually. Why is music of European ancestry considered more classical than, for example, twerking? Twerking's origins come from African dance styles. Nicki Minaj's music is mostly inspired by African rhythms and beats. Subconsciously, society is saying that European culture is better than African culture. One might call ballet (sorry Isabel) to be more cultured than twerking but that's ignorant. Why is European ancestry considered better than African ancestry!?

American society is structured in a way that asserts European-Caucassian culture over others. Why is it that Hinduism is considered a mythology while Christianity is considered to be fact not opinion? In India where the roles are reversed, every religion is considered to be true and equally viable on a spiritual standpoint. Why is it that European history is the most taught out of any world history in an american high-school curriculum? We never even learned about African history in high school. Why is it that the music and art styles of European origin are considered to be more "cultured" than those of other cultures. I feel like to be cultured, one must be aware of many cultures and treat each culture equally. Nicki Minaj and Bach are entirely different cultures, but why are they not equal? Personally I like Nicki's energy, her playful yet sometimes serious lyrics, and also her theatrics much more than the boring music of Bach, but I still respect Bach because he represents a culture different from mine. I don't understand why others don't respect every culture equally.

I have no relation to either European or African culture, so from a third person perspective it's hard to watch one culture claim to be better than another.

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