Saturday, November 1, 2014


When we were watching the Shakespeare video in class Wednesday I got so excited when they showed the Globe Theatre. It was cool to see it on video and be like "I've been there! I sat in that seat that's on the screen right now!!!" I'm so happy that I went on the Europe trip last year because I've seen a lot of the things that we've studied this year. When we were studying Ancient Greek and Roman art, I was thinking back to the museums that we visited and the artwork we saw. Now that we're studying Shakespeare, I'm thinking back to the show we saw and the Globe Theatre.

I thought I would share a few Europe pics since I'm reminiscing and missing it a lot!

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Bonnie Cash said...

Agreed, Isabel! Titus andronicus was the best play I've ever seen! The special effects and acting were incredible, and I can only imagine how people seeing plays at the globe during Shakespeare's time would have felt. People during the play were passig out one by one! I counted a total of 6 people passed out during the course of the play. If the special effects surprised this many people then, i can't imagine how many were effected during Shakespeare's time. No wonder the globe was such a hit!