Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sexual cannibalism

Since we always seem to get on odd topics like this and we mentioned it in class, here's an article on sexual cannibalism. However, while we were talking about the animal version, this is about human sexual cannibalism, so, heads up, it gets really weird. While in animals the "sexual" in "sexual cannibalism" refers purely to reproductive functions, in humans there is often a lustful component (see Jeffrey Dahmer).

Sexual cannibalism is especially common in insects and arachnids. The death and ingestion of the male of a mating pair is often the result of an unwilling female detecting the male's presence. The goal of the male then become to fertilize the female before she kills him (insects are kinky creature after all). If he successfully fertilizes her and, thus, passes on his genetic information, then he has achieved his sole purpose in life (Quite literally. A male insect has no other purpose.) and it no longer matters whether or not she kills him (Aren't you glad humans don't operate like this, guys?).

On that happy note, enjoy!

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