Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hamlet and Aristocats... yes I see a similarity

As we've progressed in Hamlet, I've noticed a similarity between Hamlet and one of my favorite movies as a youngster, the Aristocats. The Aristocats is about a litter of kittens who belong to an old wealthy woman. She has a huge house and a will that states the kittens get all of her fortune, naturally her long time servant is enraged. He traps and kidnaps the kittens and sends them away; however, they meet a group of animals (cats, gees, the whole nine yards) who lead them back to their home. The servant sets another trap to send them away, but the kittens along with their animal pals make him fall for his own trap. Nice little animal tale about sweet revenge featuring a horse, a mouse, geese, cats, the like. ANYWAYS, this reminded me of Hamlet in several ways. Hamlet is about a son who strangely doesn't inherit is father's throne. He should, like the kittens, get everything. When Claudius realizes that Hamlet is a threat, like the servant realized the kittens were a threat, he shipped him to England. Hamlet returns with the help of pirate friends (unfortunately not an enthusiastic band of animals). Hamlet then attempts to get revenge on his father, like the kittens attempt to get revenge on the servant. We (or at least I) haven't finished Hamlet yet, but I found the comparison to be pretty cool, and I'll never miss a chance to talk about the Aristocats. 

I mean c'mon, look how darn cute they are.

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