Saturday, November 1, 2014

What Fleming didn't say about da Vinci

Fleming discusses Leonardo da Vinci's talent as a painter, sculptor, inventor, etc.. But casually glossed over the fact that he was an evil mastermind. He designed a tank, machine gun (with several types of ammunition), flying machines, etc. Sounds like every evil villain of whom I've heard. In all seriousness, every time I research about da Vinci, I find yet another class of object that he constructed. His limitless potential can definitely serve as a role model/poster child for well-roundedness. Here's a scholarly article from the good people at Cracked about da Vinci (please excuse any interesting uses of the English language):

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Sri Korrapati said...

He reminds me of someone else I know. Da Vinci is Ink, just as you are Ink. Limitless potential, you can form anything, express anything. You can be colorful. You are the source of power that executes ideas. Yet you must be kind to others because ink is nothing without a pen or printer. While you are a hard worker, it is through society that you achieve the most success. You will surely benefit the world one day.