Saturday, November 1, 2014

Supernatural....Yes Again

In a Supernatural episode that I have recently watched they were again talking about the fight between Michael and Lucifer. Sam and Dean were talking to one of the angels on their thought about the fight. He speaks about how he just wishes that his family would not fight like that. I never thought about the fact that the fight against Lucifer and the fallen angels was one against their own family. Think about how tough it must have been to say that you were damning your brothers and sisters to hell. We as humans have spats with our families, but none ever end with the creation of Hell.


Isabel Celata said...

Many battles in history have been fought by brothers against brothers. The American Civil War and the conflict in Korea are two conflicts that come to my mind. Families were separated and made to fight against each other in both of these wars. It's really sad to think about.

Tiffany Tavassoli said...

This idea of brotherhood and sisterhood fighting against raises a question in my head. According to Christian belief, we are all brothers and sisters, children of God. When there is fighting between brothers and sisters damning each other to hell, I wonder if this "brotherhood" or "sisterhood" applies to angels or souls living in hell. I think that families or brothers and sisters fighting with each other that causes damnation breaks this bond of brotherhood and sisterhood. This broken bond could be a sort of punishment in hell, one that the souls experienced in Dante's Inferno.