Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Can animals lust? Enos the Penis - the first chimp in orbit - says yes!

Well, I would certainly say they can. I will now share the story of Enos the Penis, the first chimpanzee to make it into earth's orbit. Why is Ham the chimp in the bright lights though? Well For starters he was first to make it up high, but he was actually charismatic. Enos, nicknamed Enos the penis because of the fact that he was "a son of a gun...meaning he was a (word removed because it might offend)". This monkey did not cooperate at all with NASA's scientists. Why? Well, whenever they tried to train the chimp for high g-force conditions or anything else, Enos would begin masturbating. Before he went into space, NASA basically put a balloon over his penis so that he couldn't fondle himself, however, once he got into space and ripped off the balloon and began masturbating on camera in front of all of the viewers of this experiment. So to answer your question, I would say yes, animals can lust and give in to bodily wants for sex (i.e. Enos's masturbation pattern)


Sri Korrapati said...

We know that some animals enjoy having sex such as dolphins. Sorry Ross, I know you hate dolphins. Some animals are also monogamous. Penguins are monogamous. Gorillas are also monogamous, therefore they have small phalluses. Some animals have instinct for sex but do not enjoy it.

Joe D said...

The following is excerpted from an interview with the NASA workers on Enos's mission:

(regarding masturbatory habits)
" "I don't know where that came from", (Fineg) said. I worked with Enos for a number of years, and never saw him do anything like that. His name was the result of his demeanor."

The catheter, it turns out, was in the chimp's femoral artery (to monitor blood pressure), not the urethra. Still not convinced, I contacted Bill Britz, a vet who worked with Enos.

"Naw", said Britz. I mean, most male chimps play with themselves, but he couldn't even get to it. ". Britz explained that the couch inside the capsule was designed with a barrier to keep the chimp from reaching down below the waist and pulling out the (arterial) catheter during flight. Britz agreed with Fineg: Enos had no such reputation. "

So, Enos's reputation seems to only stem from the fact that he was more aggressive/uncooperative with his masters; however, the worker did indeed say that the chimps occasionally played with themselves, so the point still stands: animals can lust.