Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thoughts on Fire

Shakespeare's Hamlet greatly details the attributes and faculties of human beings in their actions and general personalities. Knowing this, I decided that I wanted to look into humanity as a whole, specifically its humble origins with the discovery of fire, with the same degree of detail. And remember that everything that I have written is simply my thoughts on our human faculties concerning these discoveries/inventions, and is open to interpretation so let me know what you think.

 For some reason, I have always imagined our discovery of fire as a chance happening of lightening striking a tree or something and a nearby cave individual going, "OOOH! AAAH!" and then bringing the fire back to other cave people so that they could dance around it. Anyway, human use of fire marks an important turning point in our history; we changed from simple primates, hoveling in a cave or whatever in fear of our surroundings, to advanced beings, capable of understanding some little faculty of nature. It also led to an improvement in human health, as we began to cook our food and stay warm during the winter time.

I personally see this particular occasion as something more than a benefit to our physical bodies. Fire created a disparity between what our ancient ancestors previously knew and what they learned after fire's discovery. Just think about it; fire meant the difference between heat and cold, life and death, and, of course, Light and Dark. Fire quite literally sparked an advance in human knowledge, by showing us that a difference between what we were and what we could be existed. Refer back to old Greek mythology about and and fire, and how it helped us become smarter and more adept. Thinking about fire as a knowledge giver leads to the conclusion that, perhaps, the biblical Apple was actually just fire (Pure Speculation).

I want to focus on the last disparity fire presents us with, that between Light and Dark, because I feel that it holds the most impact on our race in terms of our faculties. Light and Dark are often used to describe ones position of understanding and knowledge in society. If you have "seen the light" you have gained some new understanding, whereas if you are "still in the dark" you do not understand what is going on. Our ancestors were Beings of the Dark in the truest sense, and thus were the furthest from any angel or God that has ever existed because they were stuck in a bestial state. It was only after they emerged from this Dark did they truly gain the human faculty of reason. I would even go so far as to say that humans found their souls in the flames, and by gaining their souls they became closer to the Devine. To me, fire started humanity on a path to godliness and was the first step in our transformation from mindless beasts to the true inheritors of the Throne.

If you have gotten this far, then I applaud and thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, which are really closer to ramblings.

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