Saturday, November 22, 2014


So, this weekend I sat in on a college seminar and was shocked to how similar the structure of that class was to our humanities class. The students had watched a movie - which happened to be WALL-E. Then the next day, the day I came, they all circled up and the professor showed up and asked, "So, what do y'all want to talk about?" I found this absolutely fascinating since I never really imagined how a college course would be structured, I just assumed it was a huge lecture hall with someone speaking at you, but once you get past the intro classes, our high school classes are just like college ones!


Isabel Celata said...

This is really true! I had a college interview the other day for Rhodes college, and when I described our humanities class to the interviewer, she told me it was remarkably like a lot of college classes! I think that Humanities is probably one of the best classes we could take to prepare ourselves for college.

Iris Mire said...

When I visited UCHicago, I sat in on a regular class called Comparative Fairy Tale (yes, "Tale" singular). Even that class, which was open to everyone and had about 20 students, was very much like our Humanities class. The teacher simply threw out a prompt and the class discussed. She even let me comment once or twice.