Thursday, October 30, 2014


For those of you who had Mrs. Klebba (Sorry Bre and Sri), you may remember her lecture on Kierkegaard last year when we talked about the existentialists (I have no idea if Mr. Shipman or Ms. King did this...). You may remember him as the dude with the awesome first name with the cool "o" -  Søren. 

Anyway, as I was browsing the interwebs riding the hype train (hypetrain? hype-train?) for UChicago, one of their tumblr blogs linked me to this beautiful gem of nerddom: the twitter account of Kim Kierkegaardashian. Some genius of geekdom decided to combine the philosophy of Kierkegaard with the tweets of Kim Kardashian. I sincerely hope this made you laugh as hard as I did during this incredible period of stress. Please enjoy (because this is not an order but a request!)

Kimmy K v. Kierkegaard. Who won? You decide!

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